While I started cooking professionally at 18 years of self-taught, my education began much earlier , since age 10, was around and playing in the kitchen of the catering company of my parents that was where I really learned almost everything and di my first steps in the profession , it was another time and actually went around great cooks of the old guard of which I saw a lot, in 1988 an acquaintance offered me go to work the Valle de Las Lenas which was 2 seasons , also I got to work some more in Bariloche where I have great memories and nice friends , then return to Bs AS and continued cooking a few years in the Golden Stag , the company of my family, in 1992 I had the opportunity to visit Europe and make a great gastronomic tour many Michelin starred restaurants that definitely marked my career and my style forever, from there I kept inserting my work in Buenos Aires and began to travel the world learning from your kitchen and customs , as in my last trip to Asia where I could find a totally different culture and engaging , really amazing , walking the streets and markets of China , Thailand , Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia.

About 10 years ago and Geraldine hand , my wife started to create Crizia , this beautiful restaurant where every day we carry out our work. She from the room where he handles customer service , art , atmosphere , music and flowers and I from the kitchen and the wines and as passionate travelers , we keep bringing each outing memories , smells and experiences that will turn to the restaurant to continue building our dream .

Gabriel Oggero