O Y S T E R  B A R
Patagonian Oysters selected by Crizia

Half-dozen raw oysters
shallot & torrontés vinegar, tabasco, lemon

Yuzu raw oysters 2 pc
Lime, black vinegar, tapioca, seaweed caviar

Tempura oysters 2 pc
Brioche buns, radish cream, seaweed caviar

Rockefeller oysters 2 pc
Parmesan, cream, spinach au gratin

Oyster Bar Special for two
Mix of raw oysters 6 pc, fresh wild prawns from Patagonia 6 pc.
Sea & Citrus, sauces, lemon, shallots vinegar


F r o m   T h e  O c e a n

Sea & citrus
White fish, wild shrimp, shellfish juice, sea foam     

Tataki on fire
Sealed fish, cured York, butter, white soy, citrus

Scallops & Shrimps 2 u
Toasted butter & lemon foam, ponzu, crispy garlic, chives

Seafood Snacks
Our imagination in four different snacks

Farm  Raised  &  Orchard  Grown

Organic heirloom tomatoes
Watermelon picles, caper leaves, herbs, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grass – feed steak tartare
Burned cream, egg  York, red onion, seaweed caviar, charqui

Crispy Organic artichoke
Tiger milk and almonds, fresh herb & lemon oil


T h e  F i r e s
Main Courses & chefs creations

Black seafood rice
Tomatoes, squid, scallops, shrimp

Catch of the day
Spinach, creamy scallops, cauliflower emulsion

Patagonian Sea Bass
Potatoes & almond textures, fennel, nuts, lime, cedron 

W o o d   F i r e
Main Courses & charcoal and wood oven

Patagonian lamb ribs & shoulder
Quinoa & native potatoes, black garlis, thyme sauce  

Roasted Pekin Duck Confit & Magret

Roasted apricot, plums, citrus honey, duck sauce   

Rib eye Premium Angus from La Pampa
Roasted onions with black garlic and cocoa, smoked eggplant & chimichurri